Ali Vincent on the “Out-of-Body Experience” of Winning The Biggest Loser

Ali Vincent envisioned the experience of winning the The Biggest Loser months before her victory. She was the first woman to take home the top prize on the popular television competition. Ali tells Oprah: Where Are They Now? that when the host announced her name as the winner, she had an “out-of-body experience.”

“I had visualized for months and saw myself on that scale, with confetti falling in my hair and Ali Sweeney saying, ‘You are the next Biggest Loser,'” Ali says. “When I actually created it, it honestly felt the same. It really did.”

Alas, her winning weight was too difficult to maintain, Ali confesses. “I ended up losing 112 pounds in five and a half months. I went from 47.86 percent body fat to 11 percent body fat,” she says. “I’ve weighed 122 pounds for 2.2 seconds of my life. That was it. As soon as I took a drink of water, I no longer weighed that, and I never have.”

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