Audrina Patridge on the Ups and Downs of Reality TV Fame

Viewers first met Audrina Patridge in 2006 on the MTV show The Hills. As Audrina tells Oprah: Where Are They Now?, her years in the limelight included many ups and downs.

“We filmed on The Hills for a full year before they even started putting pieces together because they didn’t know how all of us were going to get along,” Audrina says. “Having those cameras on you all the time, it’s like you’re not used to it, and you have to pretend like they’re not there, and so we would always go out to these clubs and restaurants and dates, and we’d have a drink before to take the edge off. And that’s what the show was about: Go to a club, get drunk and fight.”

Audrina says the show’s editing may have cost her. “They kind of started editing us in a way—it’s like, ‘It didn’t happen like that. You’re making me look bad.’ And we were getting other jobs and opportunities based on the show, but sometimes, how they portrayed us on the show, we were losing jobs.”

Ultimately, however, Audrina had a good time. “I wouldn’t change anything,” she says. “I had the best time on The Hills, no matter if it was good or bad. All those bad times that I thought I was going to die in, I look back and they’re funny.”

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