Dawn Wells on the Short Shorts She Wore on Gilligan’s Island

Actress Dawn Wells made her name on Gilligan’s Island playing attractive ingénue Mary Ann Summers. In addition to her girl-next-door persona, Mary Ann is remembered by many for her then-risqué attire.

Dawn tells Oprah: Where Are They Now? fans still frequently ask her about her character’s tiny jean shorts. “A lot of people keep asking about the shorts,” Dawn says. “There weren’t any short shorts on television then, and of course, I knew who she was, and I knew my body. Can I show you what they are?”

Dawn holds the shorts before the camera. “I helped design them because we had to cover my navel,” Dawn says. “I don’t know who wore these—They’re so tiny! We were not allowed to show my navel or Tina’s cleavage. That was pretty risqué for then, you know?”

She ends with a joke. “I have no idea what I wore under these, and I know I wore something. We can all think about that, can’t we?”

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