First Female Biggest Loser Winner Pushes Back Against Claims of Abuse on the Show

In 2016, a few former winners of The Biggest Loser who had gained back their weight claimed that the show producers used cruel and unusual methods to get contestants to lose weight. Ali Vincent, the first woman to be win the television competition, tells Oprah: Where Are They Now? that it’s hard to imagine that the accusations are accurate.

“There’s a lot of allegations out there right now with The Biggest Loser,” Ali says, mentioning reports of drug use and the withholding of water. “It didn’t happen on my season. I find it highly unlikely that it was allowed and that it was recommended, or that it was forced, because nobody can force anybody to do anything on The Biggest Loser. Period. End of story.”

“Yes, you’re in this sequestered situation,” Ali says, “but you are making your own choices to do that. You know, it’s like, take responsibility. So, the allegations are hard for me.”

“I won eight years ago,” Ali points out. “Two of [the people who made claims] were the seasons before me. Like, okay, well, why didn’t you say something then? I’m sorry that they had bad experiences, but I know that they do not speak for the majority for us.”

Ultimately, Ali says, “I think that everyone finds it a positive experience in their life.”

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