The Gilligan’s Island Romance That Could Have Been

In the entertainment industry, behind-the-scenes romances aren’t uncommon. After all, actors spend a lot of time together, often under stressful conditions, and develop close relationships. Dawn Wells, the actress who portrayed Mary Ann Summers in Gilligan’s Island, tells Oprah: Where Are They Now? that she believes there could have been a romance between her and older male cast member Russell Johnson, best known as the Professor.

“If either one of us had been single or both of us had been single,” Dawn says, “there would have been chemistry.”

“He had the best sense of humor,” the actress reveals. “He was the funniest, and he was a hunk, and you know, he died a year and a half ago or so, and I did not know until the funeral that he got the Purple Heart. I knew he fought in World War II but he was not a braggart. He lived in an orphanage as a young boy.”

“Very witty, very handsome. Good man. Miss him.”

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