Veteran Actress Marla Gibbs on Playing a Gay Character: “Love Is Love”

Marla Gibbs is best known for playing Florence, Louise and George Jefferson’s wisecracking maid on The Jeffersons. Marla’s entertainment career was much more varied, however, spanning five decades and countless roles.

Nonetheless, she still surprises from time to time, as when she played a lesbian on Shonda Rhimes‘ hit TV show Scandal, a role that shocked some of her longtime fans. Here, Marla tells Oprah: Where Are They Now? what that part meant to her.

“The part was bringing to life the fact that love is love,” Marla says. “People are now dealing with homosexuality. It’s part of who they are; it’s part of their journey in this life. We have to accept them and love them unconditionally, and allow them to follow their journey, as we did ours.”

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