Munsters Star Butch Patrick: Getting Sober Saved My Life

For decades, former child actor Butch Patrick gave his life to drugs.

People remember Butch best as Eddie Munster from the TV sitcom The Munsters. When he quit acting at age 19, Butch tells Oprah: Where Are They Now?, he made the conscious decision to party his life away.

“I was functioning, but I wasn’t thriving,” Butch says. “I was more of an existing situation, and it went on for 40 years. And I knew I needed help. I checked into a treatment center November 21, 2010, the last day I ever had a drink, a joint, a line, a pill, anything. So, I’ve been sober, absolutely, across the board.”

Butch says that he was able to continue the behavior for so long because no one told him no. “Nobody ever tells celebrities no,” he says. “Nobody told Michael Jackson no. Nobody told Elvis no. They just don’t want to say no because they want you to be their friend. So, when people really need help, unfortunately, people closest to them won’t say no.”

He credits sobering up with literally saving his life. “I was very lucky when I went in to get sober. There was a doctor that was in there who fast-tracked me to his rockstar ninja doctor buddies, and they found out that I had a real aggressive small mass on my prostate, and I had it removed,” Butch says.

“Had I not done it, and had I not been getting sober, I would have ignored it,” Butch says. “I wouldn’t be sitting here, wouldn’t be in this house, wouldn’t be alive. Doesn’t get much bigger than that.”

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