The Two Surviving Cast Members of Family Affair Bury the Hatchet

On Oprah: Where Are They Now?, Kathy Garver, who played “Cissy” on the ’60s sitcom Family Affair, opens up about the sad fates of her co-stars. Aside from Kathy, the only other member of the main cast alive today is Johnny Whitaker, who played Brian Keith’s TV nephew, Jody.

While producing Kathy’s story, the Oprah: Where Are They Now? production team reached out to Johnny Whitaker to invite him to surprise Kathy. Moments before this reunion, however, Johnny told producers he needed to get something off his chest.

Shortly after entering Kathy’s house, Johnny gets down to business. “I’m here because I know that there might have been some bad blood between us and wanted to apologize if there’s anything I’ve done to cause you to have feelings,” Johnny says.

Kathy knows exactly what he’s talking about. “If you had, at any time, in all of the gigs that I set you up for, called me and said, ‘Thank you,’ that would have been very nice,” Kathy says.

“Nothing was done to hurt you specifically,” Johnny says. “If it has hurt you, then I’m truly apologetic.”

“I accept your apology, and I think that is very good,” Kathy says.

“I want us to be friends,” Johnny says. “I want the future to be as positive as possible. Heck, we’ve got 50 years together.”

“I’m 39 myself,” Kathy jokes, and the longtime entertainers shake hands.

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