How Wendy Kaufman Went from Opening Mail to Being the Snapple Lady

Remember Wendy, “The Snapple Lady”? In the memorable 90s commercials, she would read customer letters aloud in her distinct Long Island accent and answer them with her charming wit. It wasn’t just a clever advertisement—Wendy actually was a real Snapple employee working in the company’s order department. Here, she tells Oprah: Where Are They Now? the unexpected way she became the beverage company’s famous spokesperson.

“I was out of work, having been fired by my family business,” Wendy says. “I went to Snapple [and] I was not there for a very long time when I realized people were writing these extraordinary love letters to Snapple. And I took all the letters that no one else wanted to handle and really started to handle the public relations.”

Wendy’s boss thought she would be perfect for television—but not everyone at the company agreed. Watch why Wendy says the decision to put “the fat girl from the order department” on national TV was “definitely controversial.”

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